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➤ ROLLERBIT Faucet Win or Multiply Your BTC 🥇

November 14, 2020

➤ ROLLERBIT Faucet Win or Multiply Your BTC 🥇

Rollerbit is the new bitcoin faucet that provides us with the possibility to claim some daily satoshis at the push of a button and also gives us the option to play and multiply your btc, the prizes range from 100 satoshis and even a bitcoin, Rollerbit is available to anyone anywhere in the world and its operation is very simple.

If you continue reading I will explain in more detail how you can get 1000 satoshis for free and the opportunity to play roulette and multiply up to X 10 your BTC.

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¿What is Rollerbit?

Rollerbit is a bitcoin faucet that was recently created so that everyone had access to win bitcoin for free and even play for higher profits, currently has 87356 affiliates and more than 17 bitcoin spread and is not for less since this platform offers you a very simple new style of winning btc.

With the single fact of registering you will get 1000 satoshis as a gift you can also visit this faucet to claim 100 satoshis every 24 hours. (or more when there are promotions).

¿How do I register with Rollerbit?

How do I register with Rollerbit

It is very easy to generate an account within the official rollerbit site you are looking for the section to join and it will take you to a small form where you will be asked for your email, generate a password, to finish will be the terms and conditions that you must accept in order to subsequently register your email to which you will receive a link to activate your account and immediately be able to enter and claim your 1000 satoshis for free.

🎯 ¿How does Rollerbit work?

As the main axis we have the roulette games that integrate into this simple faucet in which you can win btc easily without the need to periodically review the page, since every 24 hours you will have the opportunity to receive bitcoin for free.

Once inside the site you will find a menu with 6 options;

1 FreeRoll
2️ Roller
3️ Affiliates
4️ Deposit
5️ Withdraw Balance
6️ Movements

FreeRoll: When you access the freeroll you can find a roulette wheel containing six figures, a clover, copper, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

Freeroll rollerbit

At first you will only have access to the clover that will be your 100 satoshis available every 24 hours, the other figures will unlock them with a simple affiliate scheme that will allow you to increase your amount of btc on each move.

Here’s each figure and its value:

Affiliated RollerBit Figures

TREBOL -. This figure is available to all affiliates from the beginning. In FreeRolls you will always play this figure as it is the only one that is unlocked with it you can play and win as a daily reward 0.00000100 BTC.

COPPER – To unlock this figure for FreeRoll, you must have 20 affiliates and the reward is 0.00000250 BTC.

SILVER -. To unlock the figure you must bring a total of 50 members or more the Reward 0.00001000 BTC

GOLD – To unlock the figure you must have a minimum of 100 rollerbit affiliates. Reward 0.00100000 BTC

PLATINO – to unlock the figure you must have 250 or more affiliates with a reward of 0.05000000 BTC.

DIAMOND – To unlock the latest figure, you must have a minimum of 500 Rollerbit members as it will give you a reward of 1.00000000 BTC.

ROLLER: In this section you can find a roulette wheel in which you can play the accumulated btc, of course you have the option to put out of your pocket to increase your moves and thus increase up to 10 your amount in btc.

roller proof of luck

The way to play is from the simplest you can imagine since you will simply have to choose a red or black color, enter the amount you want to play and participate.

🔵 ¿RollerBit Affiliate System?

AFFILIATES: In the affiliate section we have an interesting scheme of 5 levels of depth which you can scale when you invite with your link to your referrals, the more invites you will have the possibility to earn more in each spin of the free roll according to the categories mentioned above, but you will also get commissions from your affiliates each that they claim their daily reward , below I will show you the commission percentage of each level.

1️⃣ First level – 25% commission.

2️⃣ Second level – 10% commission.

3️⃣ Third level – 5% commission.

4️⃣ Fourth level – 5% commission.

5️⃣ Fifth level – 5% commission.

🔷 ¿How to Deposit In RollerBit?

DEPOSIT: In this section you will find some instructions to be able to deposit and play:

depositar rollercoin

Enter the amount you want to deposit and then press the ‘Next’ button. On the next screen you will get the data to make your deposit

You can deposit from 0.00050000 BTC and in a maximum of 60 minutes your deposit will be reflected in your balance.

🤑 ¿How to Withdraw Balance In RollerBit?

REMOVE BALANCE: This option is available only once you have reached a minimum of 30,000 satoshis. Remember that it is important to have a wallet in order to receive your satoshis It is very important that you copy and paste as is that address or else the money will be lost. You can put any bitcoin address.


⌛ My Opinion on the RollerBit Faucet

Rollerbit is one of the simplest and most beneficial bitcoin jaws I find on the net that allow me every 24 hours to claim 100 satoshis increasing your wallet daily, with a simple design and easy-to-follow rollerbit instructions can entertain you and make you earn more btc than any other faucet.

One of the interesting data of rollerbit is that a tax address was found that is registered in Zarco number 6 Col San Simón tolnáhuac in Mexico zip code 06920 giving us the impression of a solid company that through a referral scheme can increase your wallet in a brutal way and with minimal 🙂 effort.

🚀 RollerBit Page Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Language: Spanish, you can translate it into English in google chroom.

Accepted countries: everyone.

👇 The Page Registration here in the banner 👇

Platform Type: Cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal method: bitcoin.

Wallet you accept: all as mentioned above.

Minimum withdrawal: 30,000 Satoshis.

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